Pat Travers, Vintage Guitar Magazine Interview (June 2015):
Now very few people are playing bluesy, guitar. I've met some 16/17 year old's playing it right; a kid up in Boston, Aaron Norcross Jr.,plays a Telecaster and he's the real deal. Its amazing some one that young can have so much understanding and expression. So, there are one or two acts out there.

From Cape Cod Entertainment Review:
This is a young gun with a guitar as his weapon. Stevie Ray Vaughan meets Machine Gun Rockabilly Blues. So impressed with this new talent and we encourage all live music lovers to see his live act. This kid will be in the big time. Check him out.

Article from Cape Cod Times:
Check out this great artice that was featured in the Cape Cod Times!! CLICK HERE

From BlueUmbrellaEntertainment.Com:
We booked Aaron Norcross Jr. at The Oyster Bar reserved for national acts and legends. This kid owned the stage and mesmerized all in attendance. This is a guitar prodigy with a signature style. A force to be reckoned with.

From Harry's at The Depot:
Aaron is one of the most talented young guitar players in the Northeast, Come watch him make the guitar sing and smoke at the same time.

From Pat Travers' Website
A young, new artist sent me a video of himself and his band and I am completely blown away by his performance. Most great artists seem to be born with, for back of a better word, "It". Well, whatever "It" is Aaron Norcross Jr has a huge amount of it. He's fourteen years old and already playing and singing like a seasoned pro. Ladies and gentleman I'm proud to present the future of the "Blues" for today's "Musical Rx"...